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Small to Large Volume Specifically Designed with Your Needs in Mind

Silicone-Coated Liners, Paper, & Film

Tribex Corporation offers customized silicone-coated liners, paper, and film specifically formulated to meet your needs. We are based in Rocklin, California.

We are experts in providing release liner solutions to demanding applications. Our knowledge of interactions between certain silicones and adhesive families allow us to create custom blends based on your needs. In some ways, we're R&D partners with our customers. All silicone-coated paper and liners are formulated specifically to match the degree of required release character (peel level, smoothness, etc...).

Problem Solvers

Contact us today so that we can help you resolve your problems. Simply provide us with samples and what you are doing so that we can form an optimal silicone blend. We provide solutions for:
• Determining What Paper or Film Works Best
  in your final product assembly
• Supply Chain Management
• Smaller Volume Commitments
• Chemical Reactions That Prevent Labels
  from Separating from Adhesives
• Correct “Fit” to your Product
• Custom and Standard Formulations

Thermal and UV coatings available

Liner Manufacturing - Silicone-Coated Liners

High degree of cure so less silicone transfer, the perfect product means no lock up or pre-release of your product.


Our capabilities also include differential coatings — tight silicone on one side and an easy silicone on the other--so that you can apply an adhesive on one side that will remain even if unrolled, similar to double-sided tape. We can even make one side 10 times tighter than the other (10:1)! One and two-sided coatings are available for both paper and film.

Contact us at (877) 629-9441 in Rocklin, California, for quality silicone-coated paper featuring the precise amount of tack you need.